What Love should be….

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I was looking through my photo library in my computer when I came across this picture. They say that every photo tells a story. Well this one is no exception. I still remember the day I took it. It was Sophomore year of college when my mother and I got word that my father is going to be deployed to Kuwait. Rather than dwell on the situation, we chose to ignore the fact that my father was going to be leaving us soon, if only for a while.

While in college, my parents decided to come visit me for a weekend considering that it would be a long time before all three of us were together. So they drove from our hometown of Bremerton, WA to Spokane to visit me. We had a great time visiting some interesting sites in Spokane. Going to the Riverfront Park and then to the Japanese gardens near south hill. It was during this visit that I took this photo.

I decided to walk the grounds of the garden with my digital camera and take some pictures, leaving my father and mother to walk alone along the stone path. When I came back from exploring the grounds, I found my mother and father sitting on bench looking into the serene pond in front of them. As I came closer I saw tears in my mother’s eyes as they spoke in a native language that I never learned (still haven’t learned). I think at that moment, all of us understood what was about to happen, especially my mother. You see, My parents have spent a day apart for more than 20 years. Only now, during a time of war, do they have to separate.

Something grabbed my attention that day, and still does now, that forever changed my life. I’ve always looked for the romance in life from fiction, movies, and my imaginations. Never in my wildest dreams would I see a love story unfolding right in front of me.

With this story however, there is no need for dramatic movie scenes, or grand music in the background. This picture tells the whole story of my parents love. Leave it to my father to have the final word in this story. His hat says it all, “All is One”. It may be a military saying, but I believe that praise has my parents written all over it.

“Holding On for You”

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Every so often, there comes a song that just automatically makes me sit down and reflect upon whats going on in my life.  Sometimes it can be the lyrics that makes that initial connection, other times its just the melody.  Well a couple weeks ago, when life was rough in Los Angeles, I found this song on youtube and immediately began to see the positives in life regardless of how the negatives are weighing you down.   This may not fall under the category of a romantic notions in life.  However, since the song is a love song, I found that it helped me regardless of meaning.

The song is “Holding on for you” by Liberty X.

Re: Definitely, Maybe Review

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I’ll make this short and sweet. Ok folks, let the countdown begin. In exactly 24 hours, the dvd release of Definitely, Maybe starring Ryan Reynolds will now be available to the public.  Ever since I saw this movie in the Theatre I have been counting down the months until I can watch it over and over again on dvd.

This movie has it all: love, romance, family, and mystery.  The story is a look at what kind of life we may all strive for.  So I urge all who reads this, buy this movie! It is worth every penny.Definitely, Maybe Poster

Am I living life?

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A few days ago, I read a blog posting from Paulo Coehlo’s blog. A fan of his ask him this question, “You say in your book 11 Minutes that abandoning oneself to passion can be as damaging as withdrawing from it. What’s your choice then? Do you choose to remain an observer?” Paulo’s response to that question really got me thinking about my perspective in life. His answer was, “Love may lead us to heaven or hell, we all know. But I choose to take the risks, and fall in love. To remain an observer of life is not to live at all.”

The purpose of this blog was to share with the world how I view life, love and all concepts that are considered romantic in our modern society. Doing so through the eyes of a 21 year old male. I believe that I’ve always been the observer. I guess that’s why I’ve excelled in and thrived in that perspective throughout my college career as a Sociology major. It always seemed so much more gratifying to research, learn, and write about another’s story. Everyone’s story needs to be told at some point in their lives.

As I sit here writing this blog in a local starbucks near my apartment, I’m surrounded by so many people, each telling a story of who they are simply by how they carry themselves walking down the street. Looking back on the last 8 years of my life, I guess its safe to say that I am an observer. I can tell you all from personal experience, it is a joy to hear someone’s story when its full of life and wonder. However, there are times when being the observer does has its downsides.

I’ve always been a fan of romantic notions in our society and in fiction. To be a witness of romantic moments is like reading a good passage from a book and wanting to keep them ingrained in your memory. However, when you walk down the street and you see a couple holding hands, I find myself wondering if that will ever happen for me.

So when Paulo Coehlo says that, “to remain an observer of life is to not live at all.” That is not entirely true. I believe to be an observer of life is to live only through the eyes of others but never their own. It’s only a matter of time until that special someone will come my way and force me to look through my eyes. Until that day comes, I will remain the observer of life, waiting for mine to start.

Definitely, Maybe REVIEW

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It’s been a while since my last post, so lets jump right back into the discussion of romantic comedies. This movie, “Definitely,Maybe”, starring Abigail Breslin and Ryan Reynolds has been on my mind lately. As the DVD release of this movie nears (which I intend on purchasing), I find myself replaying significant scenes in my head. The concept of this movie itself is one big romantic moment. Having a father explain to his daughter how he’s found love and show her what love is in the world is something that I believe everyone from any point of view strives for.

As a guy, I have to say that I envy the male lead’s position in the film. His story has three beautiful amazing in his life as the potential mother of his child. I’d say that a guy is lucky in life to have the chance to be with one amazing woman in life. This guy had three, that has to be a record. But what do I know, I’m only 21 and I don’t think I’ve had that kind of experience yet.

I’m starting to ramble. I’m suppose to be talking about a significant scene from the movie. Just to give some background to the scene. Isla Fisher’s character has collected this certain book that is special between her and her father. She’s been searching for a particular book because of a dedication in the book that was written by her father in the front of the book. Although she’s searched for years, she’s had no success.

The romantic moment of this movie for me wasn’t any kissing scenes or the fairytale ending of the guy getting the girl. The moment that struck me the most was that Ryan Reynold’s character found the book that she has been searching for years. However, he didn’t give it to her right away. When he realized he lost the chance to be with her, he kept the book for years because through the book he felt connected to her even though she’s with someone else.

When years go by and he finally gave it to her and explained his reasons to her, that was the thunderbolt moment for me with watching this film. As soon as she got the book from him, she didn’t go running to his arms and declared love. She cried, was angry, and asked him to leave her office. That was a realistic moment in my book. The moment felt real and pure. Without any hindering notions of happy ever after.

As a fan of romantic comedies, I’ve watched plenty of films. I can honestly say without any reservations that this movie is one worth watching.

What about (Jon)…

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What About BrianThe title sound familiar? This could be considered title infringement, but what the hell, I’m a big “what about Brian” fan. Even though the series is over, the concept of a man standing alone in the world while everyone else lives just spoke to me. I know that there are many of us that are in the same position. Ok, it’s safe to say that I am in that boat too. Subconsciously, I believe that’s why I am writing this blog.




   In season 1 episode 2 of this series, Brian is set up by his friends on a blind date against his wishes.  When the “gang” asks for his opinion about the girl he says this:

  “Ok Adam, Angelo, could everyone please come in here? I have something to say….  I’ve been watching you guys live your life and and falling in love.  And I’m getting back in the game!”

Now that may not be exactly what he said in that scene, but hey I’m going from memory.  Anyways, that scene spoke to me at the end when his friends started clapping and started sarcastically saying, “Hey great speech Bri!”.  As a hopeless romantic, what really pulled me in wasn’t the fact that the main character hasn’t got the girl. Romantic notions and ideals doesn’t always have to involve the girl.  

  What was romantic about that scene was the fact behind the set ups, meddling, and existential dialogue on Brian’s part, deep down his friends love him and care enough meddle in his life.  The only goal on their part is to see Brian happy.   Every romantic can hope for the girl.  But what we should all be striving for is to have those kind of friends in our lives. If we have those type of people, life is perfect.


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Hello to all in the blogging universe.  My name is Jonathan Canonizado, and I have to admit a rather interesting fact about myself. I am a Hopeless Romantic. It surprises me that not many men in today’s society aren’t able to admit such a fact about themselves.  Ladies, I have to tell you that we are still out there, you just have to dig in to find it.

Anyways, the purpose of this blog is to discuss the modern day concepts of hopeless romantics.  Doing so by finding the inspiration of such ideals from many different facets of today’s multimedia culture.  Such discussions will arise from what I notice on TV shows, movies, and books.  I know that it is rare for a man to discuss such topics in societies view of what is masculine and strong.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of writing sappy dialogue on what love or relevant concepts are present nor do I have the inclination to offend anyone on the views relevant to today’s world.  My purpose here is to hopefully have this blog universe see how I view life and love through my words.

So come join me in my adventures in to finding the absolute wonders of life and love with this HOPELESS ROMANTIC!